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Sunday, April 25, 2021

I am hitting the business of the scammers based in Rome. The Turin shroud. The Turin fraud.

 Jesus has short hair and he did not even revive again at the 3rd day, the romans have faked the world, I have logical evidence.

Jesus didn’t wear long hair – Christ wore short hair – The hair of Jesus was short – Jesus didn’t have long hair. 

Michael the jew angel : "The smell of a dead body is polluting, that's why I use the mask to face you, Satan, you are a dead man!"

vs. "The roman fraud!"

^^ vrserie003

Videos para ver recomendados / Suggested to watch videos:

«Ataque anti dragón marino» – Isaías 51:9 ¿No eres tú el que atravesó al dragón?

Explicación a la parábola de la red // the parable of the net – explanation +


El culto al Sol – Luis Toro miente, la iglesia católica miente, no adora al Dios verdadero! –


Y hay algo más que decir, hay algo más que agregar:

«Muñeca», como te dije en mi anterior post: «baila con el ganador«!

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They never turned to Jesus’ faith. Feel free to translate and share by free my findings, I do not sell them, you must not sell them either, I am different than those scammers, I am not a scammer.

The Roman empire never converted to the faith of Christ, it was always his enemy and enemy of his God Yahweh, and what remains of its transf...